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An overhaul of Michigan’s school funding system is in the works. Governor Rick Snyder wants to include school funding reform in his budget proposal next year.

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A bill that has passed the Michigan Senate would allow the lowest-performing 5% of schools to leave their districts and become so-called "conversion" schools.

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The Michigan Senate has passed legislation that would end pensions for newly hired public school employees and switch them into a 401 (k)-style retirement plan.
The Republican-led Senate on Thursday passed the measure that includes many changes to the state's public school employees' retirement system. The bill now goes to the House.
A key provision would end the pension plan for teachers hired after July 1, 2013.

MSU Ed Researcher Warns of Writing Skills Gap

Apr 17, 2012

A Michigan State University researcher says improving the writing skills of America's K-12 students may be harder than anticipated.

Lansing Neighborhood Leaders Vent at Meeting

Apr 13, 2012
Sam Inglot / Lansing City Pulse

A rare joint gathering of the Lansing City Council and the Lansing School Board became a forum Friday for neighborhood leaders who are upset over the school district's reorganization process.

With an 8-1 vote, the Lansing Board of Education has approved an ambitious re-organization plan that closes some schools and converts others to fulfill new missions.

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Governor Rick Snyder has signed a law that allows students in Highland Park to transfer to another district or to a charter school now that the Highland Park district has run out of money.

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Lawmakers at the state Capitol have approved a proposal to make sure students from Highland Park schools are able to attend classes next week. 

Teachers in Highland Park schools could be asked to work without pay while a standoff between the state and the school board is resolved.  

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Twenty-nine percent of eighth graders in Michigan are proficient in math. That’s according to new test results from the Michigan Educational Assessment Program – or MEAP.

Michigan educators are raising the bar on the state’s public school students. In the past, students could answer fewer than half the questions correctly on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program, or MEAP, and still earn a ‘proficient’ rating.  Those scores arrive next March.  And this time, students will need to get an average of about two-thirds right.  Ericka Harris is the Lansing School District’s interim chief academic officer. She tells WKAR’s Mark Bashore that she doesn’t think the higher standards will result in significantly more Lansing students rated “not proficient.”

EL superintendent defends Red Cedar decision

Nov 28, 2011

The East Lansing school district is preparing for a federal review of allegations of racial bias. The review was triggered by a complaint that its decision to close Red Cedar Elementary School will disproportionately harm students of color at the school.  District officials defend their decision by pointing to various demographic patterns-mainly one that shows a declining student population in the neighborhood.