Public Poetry Announcement

U.C. Davis Humanities Building photo
mikedevlin / Flickr Creative Commons

Today's Public Poetry Announcement is "The Humanities Building" by Karl Shapiro.

Billy Collins photo
T. Carrigan / Flickr Creative Commons

We all respond to poetry in our own way. Some people like to pick poems apart to find their meaning, and others simply want to experience them. Current State's Public Poetry Announcement this week is a look at those different approaches to poems.

Here is MSU Center for Poetry Director Anita Skeen reading “Introduction to Poetry,” by Billy Collins.

Peaches photo
Mike Licht / Flickr Creative Commons

Yesterday marked the unofficial last day of summer. As we head into fall, farmers markets will soon be switching out their berries and peaches for apples and pumpkins. Our Public Poetry Announcement this week is an ode to those last sweet peaches of summer.

MSU Center for Poetry Director Anita Skeen reads “The Exodus of Peaches” by Nancy Willard.

unmade bed photo
José Manuel Ríos Valiente / Flickr Creative Commons

The days are getting shorter and soon we’ll be trading in our swimsuits for sweaters. So, we thought a poem about endings would be appropriate for a Public Poetry Announcement at the end of summer. Anita Skeen, Director of MSU’s Center for Poetry, reads “Otherwise” by Jane Kenyon.

Blackberries sketch
Dominic Wade / flickr creative commons

Anita Skeens reads “Blackberries for Amelia” by Pulitzer Prize winning poet Richard Wilbur.