Pop-Up Stories

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A mobile storytelling project from WKAR Current State, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University, and community partners.

2018 Schedule

March 1, 6:30pm
Capital Region International Airport

April 26, 6:30pm
Impression 5

June 28, 6:30pm
Meridian Farmers' Market

August 23, 7:00pm
Ella Sharp Museum

October 25, 6:30pm
Sparrow Herbert Herman Cancer Center

Pop-Up Story: ‘The Official Brochure’

Oct 19, 2015
Charles Upshaw photo
Pete Johnston

The theme of our most recent Pop-Up Stories event was "Borrowed and Stolen." Charles Upshaw was there to tell his story at the East Lansing Public Library.

Pop-Up Stories: East Lansing Public Library

Oct 15, 2015
man playing violin
Pete Johnston

Listen to stories on the theme "Loan & Borrow" from our Pop-Up Stories event at the East Lansing Public Library on October 11, 2015. 

Pop-Up Stories: ‘Borrowed Car, Borrowed Time’

Oct 12, 2015
Kathleen Veith photo
Katie Cook / WKAR

Current State held its second Pop-Up Stories event yesterday at the East Lansing Public Library. A borrowed car was the theme of Kathleen Veith's story.

Pop-Up Story: ‘The Miracle of Canning’

Oct 6, 2015
Picture of Anita Skeen
Scott Pohl / WKAR

Now it’s time for another story from Current State’s first Pop-Up Stories at Allen Market Place on September 9.

We had a great lineup of storytellers telling their tales about being “Hungry & Fed.”

Here is MSU Center for Poetry Director Anita Skeen telling her story about canning summer produce with her family in West Virginia.

Pop-Up Story: ‘Dining Hall Segregation’

Sep 22, 2015
Karen Blackman photo
Scott Pohl / WKAR

We have another Pop-Up Story today on the theme of “Hungry and Fed.” At our first Pop-Up Story event, Karen Blackman described how the civil rights movement changed her life.

Pop-Up Stories: Allen Neighborhood Center

Sep 14, 2015
Matt Jason telling a story
Bill Richards / WKAR

Listen to the stories from Current State's first Pop-Up Stories event at Allen Neighborhood Center on September 9, 2015. 

Pop-Up Story: ‘Hungry For Gold’

Sep 10, 2015
Dedria Humphries photo
Scott Pohl / WKAR

Current State's first Pop-Up Stories event was last night, with music and a variety of stories from local storytellers. We have two more Pop-Up Stories coming up if you missed it. At last night's session, Dedria Humphries told her story of striving to win a dragon boat race.

Introducing Pop-Up Stories

Sep 4, 2015
Pop-Up Stories

Got a story to tell? We want to hear it!

Pop-Up Stories is a mobile storytelling project coming soon to a neighborhood near you!