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Current State talks with Kyle Melinn of MIRS and Susan Demas of Inside Michigan Politics about Donald Trump's victory in Michigan and nationwide, along with other election results.

Election 2016 summary

Nov 9, 2016

President: Republican Donald Trump carries Michigan, wins presidency as Clinton concedes
U.S. Congress District 8: Mike Bishop (R)
U.S. Congress District 7: Tim Walberg (R)
Michigan House District 67: Tom Cochran (D)
Michigan House District 68: Andy Schor (D)
Michigan House District 69: Sam Singh (D)
Michigan House District 71: Tom Barrett (R)
Michigan House District 93: Tom Leonard (R)
Michigan Supreme Court Justices: Joan Larsen, David Viviano...

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We often hear the political opinions of younger generations, but what about America’s oldest old? MI First Election reporter Erin Gray talks with Judy and Nick Devine, who are part of the "Silent Generation."

Polling Place and Ballot Info

Nov 7, 2016

Look up your polling place and ballot information here with help from Google.

Election Day is Tuesday, and much of the news coverage has focused on the polls. Should it be? We discuss the numbers in Michigan and how all of this works with Detroit News pollster Richard Czuba.

Holt High School election photo
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It’s election season at Holt High School . They are holding a mock election, with voter registration, debates, campaign posters, and rallies. We find out who they are voting for and why.

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Michigan law requires voters to be 18 years old and a resident of the state, but what if you have been convicted of a felony or are currently in prison? Can you vote? We talk with an inmate and a former inmate about the election.

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There is an area of Yellowstone Park known as the "Zone of Death" because, due to a constitutional loophole, a crime committed there could go unpunished. We talk with the MSU law professor who first published a paper about this loophole.

Election 2016
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MSU grad Don Gonyea is known to millions of news listeners across the country and around the world through his work as NPR political reporter. Don checked in with us today to touch on some of his Election 2016 experiences. Here's an excerpt - hear the rest later this week on WKAR...

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There are plenty of candidates on Michigan ballots this year, and election officials and volunteers want the public to make informed choices. We talk voter education with the co-presidents of the Lansing chapter of the League of Women Voters of Michigan.

MI First Election 2016
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The School of Journalism (J-School) in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences will provide live news coverage of the 2016 presidential election through a combined effort called “ MI First Election .”

Elections 2016
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Dewitt's Nicole Carter and MSU student Olivia Demarest are on opposite sides of the presidential ticket, but come together on the importance of one issue - education.

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Residents of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation are protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is designed to carry a half a million barrels of oil each day across four states. We talk with two Native Americans from the MSU community who are watching the developments.

Many Michigan residents who suffered through watching their presidential candidate lose to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this year are taking a hard look at their choices on election day. We talk with a former Bernie Sanders supporter and a former John Kasich supporter, along with a local pollster who’s reading the data.

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For months, the Michigan Municipal League has been saying the state needs to reverse billions of dollars of cuts to revenue sharing to avoid a “perfect storm” for cities and other local governments. It claims the state’s model for funding local governments is broken. We find out from the MML’s Tony Minghine.