Off the Record | December 14, 2012

Dec 14, 2012

The panel discusses the protest over right-to-work.

The guest is David Hecker, President, Michigan Federation of Teachers.

Amy Lange, Bill Ballenger and Chris Christoff oin senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

The panel discusses how the first presidential debate played in Michigan.

Later on Ken Sikkema and Dianne Byrum debate Prop 3, the renewable energy proposal.

Kyle Melinn, Karen Bouffard and John Lindstrom join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

The three Republicans running for U.S. Senate from Michigan join Tim Skubick in this special primary election edition.

Pete Hoekstra, Clark Durant and Randy Hekman will debate in this single-moderator, no rules-format special edition of Off the Record.

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U.S. Agriculture Undersecretary Dallas Tonsager is praising the Senate’s passage of a $1 trillion farm bill.  Tonsager was in mid-Michigan Friday to meet with farmers and homeowners. 

The farm bill that cleared the Senate Thursday cuts some $24 billion over the next decade.  It would end direct federal subsidies to farmers who’ve relied on those payments since the 1980’s.  Tonsager says farmers are doing well enough economically that there’s less need now for government assistance.

The panel discusses Governor Snyder's plan to move ahead on Detroit-Windsor bridge, debate over the "V-word", state lawmakers are off on break and what awaits them when the return.

The guest is Representative Phil Cavanagh, (D) from Redford Township.

Chad Livengood, Bill Ballenger and Alisha Green join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

The panel discusses the completion of the state budget, Rep. Thad McCotter ends campaign for write-in votes and the Snyder recall effort ends.

The guest is John Nixon, the state budget director.

The panel discusses tax cuts, a signature issue for Representative Thad McCotter, and the state budget.

The guest is Republican strategist John Yob.

Correspondents Edition. The panel discusses the Tea Party, Roy Schmidt and the state police and the budget.

Alisha Green, Bill Ballenger, Chad Livengood and Rick Albin join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick


The panel discusses Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's visit to Lansing. The guest is Bruce Fealk from Michigan Rising, a group trying to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Kyle Melinn, Rick Pluta and Chris Christoff join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

The panel discusses medical marijuana laws, free college tuition, and Snyder as a possible Romney running mate. Susan Demas, Bill Ballenger and Rick Albin join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

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Michigan Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow will introduce legislation she says will lure U.S. companies who’ve moved their operations overseas back home.

Stabenow visited Lansing Community College’s west campus to announce the “Bring Jobs Home Act.”  The measure would end tax loopholes that encourage companies to leave the country, and offer a tax credit to cover 20 percent of their cost to resume operations in the U.S.  Stabenow says the tax code needs to be modified to keep workers from paying for their own companies’ move.

Panelists with Tim Skubick
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Michigan legislative leaders join Tim Skubick for this special edition. VIEW IT ONLINE NOW

Michigan's motorcycle helmet law is repealed, presidential race narrows in the state, and lawmakers return after spring break. The guest is Republican consultant and fundraiser Steve Linder.
Kathy Barks Hoffman, Bill Ballenger and Kyle Melinn join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

With state lawmakers on break, this special edition focuses on the quality of political coverage by news media at the state capitol. Former correspondents Andi Brancato, Dave Waymire, Mark Hornbeck, and John Bebow join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.