Mid-Michigan High School Football

Current Sports #553 | September 22, 2015

Sep 22, 2015

Mark Dantonio Presser, Finishing Games, MSU Hockey, Larry "Spiderman" McBride, Motorcycle Drag Racing, High School Football, and Top Five Tuesday.

Current Sports #356 | November 7, 2014

Nov 7, 2014

The big game is one day away, and the team debates whether the Ohio State and Michigan State football game on Saturday is the biggest game in Mark Dantonio's tenure. Later, Mike Kohon gives some insight on the momentum in high school football this weekend and gives his picks. To close, it's 'Reflection Friday.'

Current Sports #309 | September 1, 2014

Sep 2, 2014

It's labor day, and Al has a 'best of' show to celebrate the holiday. First, Al dives into high school football with several high caliber coaches around the area. They talk about kicking off the season and the status of their teams. Later, Al plays an interview with Lions reporter Dave Birkett as they delve into Nick Fairley and the Le'Veon Bell scandal. Finally, Al plays a segment last week from an intriguing caller.