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A state panel will meet this week to consider whether new health conditions should be covered under Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act.

The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that brownies and other baked goods laced with THC are not allowed under the state’s medical marijuana law.

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Marijuana possession is still a federal crime, but law enforcement and prosecution has been extremely confusing in many states -- including Michigan -- which have legalized the use of marijuana to varying degrees.

A state House panel is looking at ways to address medical marijuana distribution in Michigan.

The Michigan Supreme Court says it will consider the legality of a city's zoning ordinance that prohibits the use, manufacture or cultivation of medical marijuana.

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There’s been significant movement at the state capitol regarding medical marijuana recently.  The week before last, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled the state’s pot law does not allow dispensaries.  But late last week, State Representative Mike Callton of Nashville announced he’ll introduce a bill that would allow businesses to dispense cannabis.

Stuart Dunnings Jr. is Ingham County prosecutor and among the many legal officials and police who’ve been frustrated by the vagaries of Michigan’s medical marijuana law.  Robin Schneider is a Lansing resident and a legislative liaison for the National Patients’ Rights Association.  They both help clear some of the haze around Michigan's medical marijuana regulations.


Medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan can be shut down as public nuisances, according to a ruling Friday by the state Supreme Court.

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The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled medical marijuana users may share small amounts of pot without running afoul of state law.

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Medical marijuana advocates are urging state officials to let Michiganders with post-traumatic stress disorder use the drug legally.

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Patients might have to pay out of their own pockets for medical marijuana if lawmakers pass two bills in the state House.  

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The Michigan Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday on the future of medical marijuana dispensaries and growing cooperatives.

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The city of Detroit this week officially joined three other cities in Michigan that already placed marijuana questions on their November ballots.

Lansing Attorney Responds to MI Marijuana Proposals

May 8, 2012
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Michigan lawmakers have begun addressing the state’s often criticized medical marijuana law.  Voter approval of the statute in 2008 has been followed by years of legal confusion over its enforcement.  Last November, a State Court of Appeals ruling—People versus McQueen--led to the closure of many marijuana dispensaries and made the drug more difficult to obtain, even for cardholding patients.

The state House has approved the first amendments to Michigan’s medical marijuana law since it was approved by voters in 2008.

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A Republican state lawmaker has introduced a measure to make medical marijuana dispensaries legal in communities that want them.