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The ballot campaign to adopt a part-time Legislature amendment in Michigan decided to skip getting its petition approved by a state elections board.

Craft in America: Teachers
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Top lawmakers in the state Legislature have reached a tentative agreement with Governor Rick Snyder about changes to the state’s teacher retirement system.

Donations Rise While Legislation Passes

Jun 1, 2017
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Some businesses are set to get millions of dollars in tax incentives -- if Governor Snyder signs a package of bills. 

Michigan's Right-to-Work law set to take effect

Mar 27, 2013
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Three and a half months after its stormy journey through the state legislature, Michigan’s Right-to-Work law is about to take effect.  Two guests with opposing views of the controversial law join Current State to update the debate.   Jim Holcomb is General Counsel for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, which supports the law.  Doug Pratt is a spokesperson for the Michigan Education Association, which opposes it.

Snyder OKs Ban On Phone Use By Teen Drivers

Jan 8, 2013
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A new law will soon ban cell phone use by probationary teen drivers unless they’re using a hands-free device or reporting an emergency. 

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Heading into 2013, Governor Rick Snyder is hoping to shift conversation away from controversial new policies like “right-to-work”.

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One of the final actions of the lame duck state Legislature was to adopt bills that would allow concealed guns in public schools and other places that are “no carry” zones.

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A bill awaiting Gov. Rick Snyder's signature would require voters to declare their citizenship before getting a ballot.

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State lawmakers are a step closer to adding restrictions for abortion providers. 

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A new version of a local government emergency manager bill will be rolled out Thursday at the state Capitol.

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Republican state lawmakers are not backing down from plans to pass major changes in education by the end of the year. 

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It was a day of intense lobbying at the state Capitol on Tuesday as opponents and supporters turned out to argue on whether Michigan should become a right-to-work state. 

East Lansing Crime Leads To Likely Reform

Nov 27, 2012
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Twelve years after a tragic East Lansing crime went unpunished, Michigan elected officials want to reform a key law.  Before the end of the year, Governor Rick Snyder is expected to sign “Brandon D’Annunzio’s Law.”  The 24 year old was attacked in downtown East Lansing in 2000 and later died of his injuries.  WKAR’s Mark Bashore spoke with the young man’s mother about her efforts to get the measure passed.  

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A number of high-profile bills are on the agenda for the state legislature’s “lame duck session” before the end of the year. 

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The Michigan Senate has approved legislation designed to protect student athletes from concussions.