The Supreme Court is set to rule on the affirmative action case - Fisher v. The University of Texas- this spring. However, before they hand down their ruling, the court will hear another affirmative action case out of Michigan- Schuette v. The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action.  George Washington, the lead attorney for the Coalition, discusses the case.

Young Immigrants File Suit Against SOS

Dec 19, 2012
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Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson faces a lawsuit over her refusal to grant drivers licenses to some young immigrants. 

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Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has brought a racketeering charge against the former president of a mortgage document processing company. 

Former state Attorney General Mike Cox is challenging Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Medigap policies in court.

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The American Civil Liberties Union says conditions at the Isabella County jail are so inhumane they violate the U.S. Constitution’s protections against cruel and unusual punishment.

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Three Michigan residents have filed suit after allegedly developing fungal meningitis following an injection of a tainted steroid produced by a Massachusetts company.

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A lawsuit claims no state-appointed managers should be running Michigan cities or school districts until after voters determine the fate of the emergency manager law in November.

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Michigan would void its contract with thousands of home healthcare workers if a state board agrees with a legal action filed this week by the Mackinac Center.

AG Files Suit Against Lansing Casino

Sep 11, 2012

Michigan’s Attorney General has filed a lawsuit to block plans for a casino in Lansing.

A political fight between Republicans and Democrats at the state Capitol has landed in court.