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1:29 pm
Mon January 26, 2015

Schertzings balanced public, private life during congressional bid

Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing launched an unsuccessful bid for Michigan's 8th Congressional District last fall.
Credit WKAR File Photo

For 14 years, Ingham County residents have known Eric Schertzing as the county Treasurer, and more recently, Director of the Ingham County Land Bank.  Last year, they assessed him in a different light: as a Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress.  

The issues and the stakes expanded, as the 52-year old Stockbridge native pursued the soon to be vacant seat in Congress held since 2001 by Republican Mike Rogers.

Schertzing lost to his Republican opponent, Mike Bishop.  

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Politics & Government
11:36 am
Thu January 15, 2015

Ingham Board Chair McGrain assesses 2015 agenda

Brian McGrain chairs the Ingham County Board of Commissioners.

Last November, Ingham county voters resoundingly approved two millage proposals. The new Board of Commissioners will be turning its attention to those soon, as it launches its  2015 session. One will expand the county’s network of trails. The other will maintain the Ingham County Health Plan, which provides medical care coverage for the county’s neediest residents.

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2:27 pm
Fri June 27, 2014

Awareness, prevention highlight National HIV Testing Day

Scanning electron micrograph of HIV particles infecting a human H9 T cell, colorized in blue, turqoise, and yellow.
Credit Flickr- NIAID

Today is National HIV Testing Day. Across Michigan this weekend there will be events and opportunities for free HIV tests, including Ingham County, which has one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the state.

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12:33 pm
Mon April 21, 2014

Ingham treasurer Schertzing joins 8th District race

Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing has announced his candidacy for the 8th District.
Credit Courtesy

Tomorrow is the filing deadline for all potential political candidates to run in the August 5th primary election. Last month, 8th District Republican Congressman Mike Rogers  shocked many of his constituents with news that he will not seek re-election.

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1:15 pm
Thu February 13, 2014

Ingham commissioners consider parks millage

Ingham County Commissioner Randy Schafer argues that other county departments are more in need of revenue than parks. However, Koening and Holman are not eager to dismiss the discussion.
Credit Flickr - UGArdener

The Ingham County Board of Commissioners is looking at a possible county parks millage. Earlier this week, the body asked its County Services committee to begin work on a draft proposal. The focus of a millage would primarily be an expansion of Lansing’s Rivertrail network.

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12:43 pm
Wed January 15, 2014

Hertel Jr. talks housing and Senate

Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel Jr.

Ingham County officials have announced good news about the area’s housing market. Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel Jr. reported that home sales last year were up and that foreclosures were down.

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11:02 am
Tue December 17, 2013

City COO expects resolution to county 911 dispute

Chad Gamble
Credit Flickr - JimUSAguy

Last week, Ingham County commissioners voted 13 to 1 to demand that the city of Lansing pay the $1.1-million the county says it is owed for pension and health insurance obligations for the 34  city-employed 911 dispatchers who were transferred last year to the  new Ingham County dispatch center. The county’s deadline is January 15th.  If payment is not received by then, they say they’ll sue the city.

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11:10 am
Mon November 11, 2013

Ingham judge blasts Court of Claims move

Legislation introduced by Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) would move the Court of Claims from Ingham County to the Michigan Court of Appeals.
Credit Flickr - cmu chem prof

A controversial bill that would move a key Michigan court is expected to be signed into law soon by Governor Rick Snyder.  The measure would transfer the operations of the state’s Court of Claims to the Michigan Court of Appeals. The court of claims hears legal actions that are filed against the state of Michigan.

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11:05 am
Mon November 11, 2013

Controller: Court of Claims move could set county back $500K

Controller Tim Dolehanty says the plan to shift the Court of Claims to the state Court of Appeals took Ingham County officials by surprise.
Credit Scott Pohl/WKAR

Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Bill Collette is critical of legislation that would move the Michigan Court of Claims from Ingham County to the Michigan Court of Appeals. Current State spoke with Ingham County Controller Tim Dolehanty about the impact such a move might have on the county.

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12:45 pm
Thu October 24, 2013

HIV rates high, awareness could improve in Ingham County

Although Ingham County has the second highest rate of HIV infections in the state, Dwayne Riley says Lansing is conservative in regards to the idea that HIV exists in the community.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Outside of metro Detroit, Ingham County has the highest rate of HIV infection in Michigan. Over half those cases are among gay men, most of whom are first diagnosed with HIV after the age of 30.

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5:05 pm
Mon July 29, 2013

Dog fighting, hoarding and strays: Animal control issues in Ingham County

American pit bulls and their mixed offspring make up nearly 60 percent of the shelter's stray dogs, says Jamie McAloon-Lampman, director of Ingham County Animal Control.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

From pet hoarding to dog fighting to stray cats and dogs, if it has four-legs and a problem, chances are that Ingham County’s animal control division will be called in to help.  Jamie McAloon-Lampman, the director of  Ingham County Animal Control, discusses the Lansing-area's animal control issues. 

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4:04 pm
Tue June 18, 2013

Ingham County Land Bank helps build neighborhoods

The Ingham County Land Bank helps potential homeowners through down payment assistance programs and various land contract terms.
Credit Courtesy of The Ingham County Land Bank

The Ingham County Land Bank, is currently going through a bit of a renovation. Chairman and County Treasurer Eric Schertzing along with the organization's new Executive Director Jeff Burdick discuss the current changes to the ICLB, including the organization's new pilot project involving transportation, which will be the first public bike-sharing program in Michigan. 

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1:18 pm
Wed May 8, 2013

Ingham County Sheriff criticizes law enforcement spending cuts

Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wrigglesworth
Credit Courtesy/Ingham County

In a speech Monday night at a law enforcement memorial held at the state Capitol, longtime Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth decried the political influence and budget cuts on law enforcement. Sheriff Wriggelsworth spoke with Current State host Mark Bashore about the effects of downsizing police departments.

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12:43 pm
Thu April 25, 2013

Macomb County first in nation with software to track mortgage fraud

A memorable edition of 60 minutes from 2011 reported that banks across the nation had used forged signatures to process foreclosure documents.  After that, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette launched an investigation and found that more than 1,000 unauthorized and improperly executed documents were filed with county registers of deeds throughout the state. Those documents were prepared by a company named DocX, which was identified in the 60 Minutes program.

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4:22 pm
Wed April 24, 2013

Dispute over Ingham circuit court recordkeeping suggests changes ahead

A minor turf war over public records is taking shape in Ingham County.

While the dispute is being downplayed by its two participants---Clerk Barb Byrum and Chief Circuit Court Judge Janelle Lawless---some observers suggest it’s symptomatic of a larger, ongoing problem:  poor public access to documents.

Current State host Mark Bashore visited with both Barb Byrum and Judge Janelle Lawless to learn more.

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3:39 pm
Mon February 18, 2013

Clearing some haze around state's medical marijuana laws

Much is still unknown regarding Michigan's medical marijuana laws, including how to distribute the drug safely and legally.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

There’s been significant movement at the state capitol regarding medical marijuana recently.  The week before last, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled the state’s pot law does not allow dispensaries.  But late last week, State Representative Mike Callton of Nashville announced he’ll introduce a bill that would allow businesses to dispense cannabis.

Stuart Dunnings Jr. is Ingham County prosecutor and among the many legal officials and police who’ve been frustrated by the vagaries of Michigan’s medical marijuana law.  Robin Schneider is a Lansing resident and a legislative liaison for the National Patients’ Rights Association.  They both help clear some of the haze around Michigan's medical marijuana regulations.

4:19 pm
Tue February 5, 2013

Ingham County’s fight against mortgage fraud gets boost from settlement

There was some good news last week in Michigan involving the fight against mortgage  fraud.  On Thursday, officials announced the state will receive $2.5 million dollars -- that’s the settlement in a mortgage fraud lawsuit filed last year by State Attorney General Bill Schuette.  The legal action involved about 1,000 victims of robo-signing statewide, with nearly 300 of them from Ingham County.  

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4:24 pm
Wed January 16, 2013

Current State #3 | January 16, 2013

Thousands gathered at the capitol on December 11, 2012 to protest Governor Rick Snyder's signing of so-called 'right-to-work' legislation.
Credit Joe Linstroth/WKAR

On today's Current State: MPRN's Rick Pluta previews Governor Snyder's "State of the State" address, Ingham County's eviction prevention program, Neighbors in Action with the Allen Neighborhood Center, and Michigan's role in the Civil War.

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6:35 pm
Wed August 29, 2012

Lansing Councilwoman: Residents Are 'Millaged to Death'

Lansing City Council member Jody Washington
WKAR file photo

A Lansing city councilwoman thinks Ingham County officials were right to table an idea for a regional parks millage on the November ballot.

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12:00 am
Tue June 19, 2012

After Costly e-Data Hemorrhage, Ingham County Looks at Tighter IT Ops

A sign at the Ingham County Clerk’s office in Mason advises residents of possible delays getting documents.
Mark Bashore WKAR

Doing business with Ingham County is gummed up for a while after the loss of more than 130,000 electronic records. 

In late May--after removing a server thought to contain expired data--techs discovered it included many active files needed by clerk Mike Bryanton.  Even worse,  they later learned a back-up duplication system failed. WKAR’s Mark Bashore looks into what went wrong and at plans to prevent a repeat.

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12:51 pm
Tue June 12, 2012

Ingham Waits on Help With Lost e-Records

WKAR file photo

Ingham County officials hope to learn more this week about  the chances of  recovering over 130,000 lost electronic documents.  WKAR has learned county IT workers accidentally deleted the data from the server of County Clerk Mike Bryanton on May 25. Later, they learned the system meant to back up the data was corrupt.

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1:18 pm
Fri June 8, 2012

Ingham County Loses More Than 130,000 e-Records

The Ingham County clerk’s office is relying on thousands of paper records after IT personnel accidentally deleted electronic data late last month.

WKAR has learned  that on May 25, technicians deleted expired electronic records in the Register of Deeds' computer system.  Later they discovered the operation took out more than 130,000 records maintained by county clerk Mike Bryanton.  Those include campaign finance data, births, deaths and weapons permits.

Bryanton downplays the impact on daily county business.

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