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Higher ed scholarships assist Lansing youth

Nov 11, 2013

With rising tuition costs, higher education has grown less affordable and accessible for many. But here in the Lansing area, there are a number of opportunities to help with the costs of obtaining an advanced degree.


There's an interesting public-private partnership happening in Flint. Kettering University, the private science and engineering school, has been taking a more active role in the community.

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This week, Neighbors In Action features the Lansing Community College Foundation, which offers more than 300 scholarships to students in need.

Dan McKean, LCC Foundation executive director, and George Garza, an LCC student and scholarship recipient, discuss LCC’s need-based scholarships and the merits of a community college education.

Higher education more than just job training

May 13, 2013

It’s spring commencement time, when tens of thousands of new graduates head out into the “real world.”  Here in Michigan, there have been a lot of public conversations about how we train our students for jobs in this state, how we keep talent from leaving and attract new talent, and what our universities can be doing to facilitate all of this. From the proposed Michigan 2020 plan by state Democrats to re-thinking the university corridor, there are a lot of ideas floating out there.

On Tuesday, Democratic senate leaders reintroduced their “Michigan 2020” plan which proposes to guarantee college tuition for all Michigan high school graduates.  Senator Rebekah Warren from Ann Arbor, one of the proposal’s lead backers, outlines the details.

Michigan universities see shift in enrollment trends

Feb 25, 2013
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A new story from Bridge Magazine poses a provocative question for the parents of Michigan’s high schoolers: “Is a student from China taking my kid’s college slot?”  The story explores recent trends in freshmen enrollment at the state’s public universities. Many have seen dramatic increases in the number of international and out-of-state students. Senior editor  Ron French compiled the story and discusses its findings.

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Some universities in Michigan say they're taking a wait-and-see approach on how to proceed a day after a federal appeals court threw out the state's voter-approved ban on affirmative action in college admissions.

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Michigan State University’s international footprint continues to rank among the biggest in the country.  That fact is borne out again in a new report.

LCC Dean Calls Student Debt "A Bubble About to Burst"

May 22, 2012
Photo courtesy of Lansing Community College

Last Saturday, hundreds of students graduated from Lansing Community College.  It was a time for celebration, but many of them are already in debt.  Some will go on to four-year universities, where they’ll probably have to borrow a lot more money.