5:29 pm
Tue July 8, 2014

Michigan lures anglers for bass

Michigan's environment contributes to a strong supply of healthy bass, says Mary Tate Bremigan.
Credit Flickr - Patrick Lewis

Fishing in Michigan is big business. The state DNR estimates that anglers spent $2.4 billion in trip-related expenses and equipment in 2011. Besides Michigan’s Great Lakes and rivers, our inland lakes attract considerable fishing as well. In fact, six Michigan lakes were recently included in a national fishing magazine’s “100 Best Bass Lakes of 2014” list.

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Lifestyle & Recreation
1:08 pm
Thu June 12, 2014

Fish Rodeo takes over the Grand River


Dr. Kirk Heinze is host of the regular feature “Greening of the Great Lakes” on WKAR’s MSU Today. Some of those conversations make their way to Current State. In a recent segment, Heinze spoke with Terry Terry, co-founder and president of the Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art and organizer of the new Grand American Fish Rodeo. The Lansing event takes place this today through Saturday at Adado Riverfront Park.

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Lifestyle & Recreation
2:30 pm
Thu May 29, 2014

Finding balance in Lake Huron's fisheries

Credit Flickr - American Legacy Fishing Co.

About a decade ago, Lake Huron’s fishing game was not very abundant because of a steep decline in overall fish numbers. To see how the lake is doing now, Current State’s Melissa Benmark spoke with David Fielder, Fisheries Research Biologist for the Department of Natural Resources and a doctoral student at Michigan State University.

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Radio Made in Michigan
3:02 pm
Tue September 10, 2013

Detroit’s Water Renaissance: Walleye fishing industry nets millions for local economy

Lance Valentine, owner of Walleye 101, shows off his catch.
Credit Judi Smelser

Water attracted early settlers to Detroit and water fueled its growth. Now it’s an important asset to the city’s recovery. We continue to explore the challenges and opportunities for Detroit’s waterfront in our series "Detroit’s Water Renaissance."

So far we’ve looked at daylighting streams and rebuilding shorelines. Today, we explore the Detroit River’s fishing industry.

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