FCC Spectrum Auction

To free up spectrum space on the airwaves for the growing needs of wireless broadband, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is conducting a Broadcast Television Incentive Auction in Spring 2016 to reallocate a portion of the spectrum from TV broadcasters to mobile providers.

Owners of commercial and non-commercial TV stations across the nation, including Michigan State University as the holder of the broadcast license for WKAR-TV, are being given the opportunity to relinquish the spectrum used by their station in exchange for a payment from the FCC of a portion of proceeds generated from the sale of that spectrum to wireless companies.

Information about Michigan State University, WKAR-TV, and the FCC Spectrum Auction is gathered here as a resource for WKAR members, supporters, viewers and community members.

Lou Anna Simon photo
Anthony Cepak / WKAR-MSU

WKAR-TV will stay on the air in mid-Michigan. MSU President Lou Anna Simon disclosed that yesterday while announcing a new initiative with Detroit Public TV. We talk with President Simon about the factors that led to the decision to keep WKAR-TV and about the proposal involving Detroit Public Television and what it may involve.

MSU Will Not Sell WKAR-TV Spectrum

Jan 12, 2016
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WKAR File Photo

A  movement opposing a possible sale of WKAR-TV spectrum has strengthened noticeably in recent days.

Participants are upset over the chance Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon will decide to participate in a federal auction of that broadband spectrum that could lead to an end of over-the-air WKAR-TV broadcasting.  

Current State's Mark Bashore talks with two members of that opposition.

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w.r. richards / WKAR-MSU

On Jan. 4, 2016, WKAR-TV hosted the first of two public forums to provide the community with information about the upcoming FCC Broadcast Television Incentive Auction, and the possible impact for WKAR-TV and mid-Michigan viewers. Here in two parts* is the audio from that forum.

tower seen against blue sky and clouds

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions MSU and WKAR have received about the FCC auction and WKAR-TV.