Detroit skyline
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Once bankrupt Detroit has a balanced budget and a near $63 million surplus.

Five dollar bill photo
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The two-year-old Lansing Financial Empowerment Center is launching a new program called “Lansing SAVE.” An automatic child savings account will be opened when enrolling in kindergarten in a Lansing public school. Current State talks with Lansing SAVE director Jayme King, and San Francisco Treasurer Jose Cisneros, who started a similar program there.

The Can Kicks Back

More young Americans are joining the debate on the country’s $16 trillion national debt. Some of those 20-somethings—weary of “kicking the can down the road”--are joining “The Can Kicks Back.” It’s a non-partisan group that wants to show lawmakers that young people want bipartisan action.  

Governor Rick Snyder says a controversial plan to prevent the appointment of an emergency manager for the city of Detroit allows current city officials to play a significant role in their financial recovery.