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11:20 am
Mon March 3, 2014

Current State #266 | March 3, 2014

Today on Current State: assessing the state's final MEAP scores; Michigan suffragist Anna Howard Shaw; a new clinic opens for Lansing's homeless population; and a documentary about Elderly Instruments. 

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11:50 am
Thu February 27, 2014

Current State #264 | February 27, 2014

Today on Current State: this month in review; a review of Jim Harrison's latest book; and Voices of Experience with Rabbi Morton Hoffman.

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12:44 pm
Wed February 26, 2014

Current State #263 | February 26, 2014

Today on Current State: a proposal to restore tax revenue; Conflict Resolution Services of Central Michigan; the Coast Guard Auxiliary celebrates 75 years; and a Detroit Tigers 2014 season preview.

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1:23 pm
Tue February 25, 2014

Current State #262 | February 25, 2014

Today on Current State: Michigan same-sex marriage ban on trial; an update on the Kosgar Lado case; the Great Lakes month in review; attorney Benjamin Crump speaks in Lansing; and the 1491s, a Native American sketch comedy group.

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12:37 pm
Mon February 24, 2014

Current State #261 | February 24, 2014

Today on Current State: the U.S. Supreme court and the EPA; Detroit's water wealth; a Google Glass Explorer; violinist Vilde Frang and the St. Petersburg Orchestra; and a Michigan eatery in Vegas.

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2:16 pm
Fri February 21, 2014

Current State #260 | February 21, 2014

Today on Current State: changes in the Holt School district; cinematographer Dan Kneece; Michigan Board of Education president John Austin on the Education Achievement Authority; live music with classical pianist Ralph Votapek. 

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12:51 pm
Thu February 20, 2014

Current State #259 | February 20, 2014

Today on Current State: Utility assistance struggles; the annual MSU Comics Forum; American attitudes towards science; and the MSU Wind Symphony at Carnegie Hall.

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11:53 am
Wed February 19, 2014

Current State #258 | February 19, 2014

Today on Current State: The Michigan Office for New Americans; Soup Grant Lansing; fallout from UAW loss in Tennessee; and folk singer Tom Chapin.

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1:31 pm
Mon February 17, 2014

Current State #256 | February 17, 2014

Today on Current State: opposition to the Educational Achievement Authority; the second installment of our Moviemaking in Michigan series; Clinton County Democrat Dawn Levey announces state Senate candidacy; and exploring Michigan’s decades-long relationship with Japan.

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6:00 pm
Tue July 9, 2013

Current State # 123 | July 9, 2013

Current State broadcasts live from the Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing all this week! Tonight, Common Ground organizers Kevin and Jenna Meyer; consolidating Michigan school districts; training military medics for paramedic jobs; and Outer Vibe and the MSU Community Music School Rock Camp.

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1:43 pm
Mon June 10, 2013

Musician Kathryn Votapek discusses parents' influence on her life

Kathryn Votapek is a faculty member at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater and Dance.
Credit Courtesy of the University of Michigan

It should come as no surprise that Kathryn Votapek is a musician, as both of her parents are pianists.  Her father, Ralph Votapek, was the first winner of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.

But Kathryn and her musician brothers chose other instruments, and her career path led her to the music faculty at the University of Michigan, where she is a lecturer in violin.


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12:29 pm
Mon June 3, 2013

Pianist Sergei Kvitko recounts recent Carnegie performance

For 15 years, Lansing-based Sergei Kvitko has been playing the organ at Lansing’s First Presbyterian Church. He also fills the roles of critically acclaimed pianist, composer, audio engineer and producer.

He's wrapped up a tour that ended with a Carnegie Hall appearance on May 23.

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12:08 pm
Wed May 22, 2013

Bernero vows to veto Lansing budget

Lansing mayor Virg Bernero is vowing to veto parts of the budget the city council passed on Monday.
Credit Joe Linstroth / WKAR

Elected officials in Lansing are nearing the end of their annual give and take over the city’s next budget.  

By a 5-3 vote Monday night, the city council approved a roughly $115 million spending plan that eliminated a number of items supported by Mayor Virg Bernero.  The mayor has promised a veto.  

Mayor Bernero talks with Current State's Mark Bashore about what he can and can’t accept, and about several developments have unfolded just in the 24 hours.

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11:03 am
Wed May 22, 2013

Current State #92 | May 22, 2013

Today on Current State: Lansing mayor Virg Bernero on the city budget process; the new "bible of psychiatry" is published and "Neighbors in Action" features The Gift of Life.

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2:20 pm
Mon February 25, 2013

Current State #31 | February 25, 2013

Today on Current State: A breakdown of both state party conventions; sports with the Detroit Free Press' Joe Rexrode; a look at shifting enrollment trends at Michigan universities; East Lansing schools seek tech upgrades; and MLive's Angela Wittrock sorts out the Lansing metro's "real" GDP.

Radio Made in Michigan
2:51 pm
Fri February 22, 2013

Current State #30 | February 22, 2013

Today on Current State:  A look at the tri-county mental health system; Detroit spoken word poet Jamaal May; the unveiling of a collaborative mural at Peckham Inc; sports with Joe Rexrode; Lansing-made boats at the Detroit Boat show; and an Oscar preview.

Radio Made in Michigan
4:11 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

Current State #29 | February 21, 2013

Today on Current State: State Representative Tom Cochran, the Michigan-made Quadski debuts at the Detroit Boat Show, the Michigan Economic Center's recent survey on attitudes toward public spending, local moms join national movement on gun control, and the New York Philharmonic at Hill Auditorium.

Radio Made in Michigan
3:00 pm
Wed February 20, 2013

Current State #28 | February 20, 2013

Today on Current State: Flint leaders offer wisdom, advice as Detroit faces possible emergency management, "girl groups" featured at the Motown Museum, Neighbors in Action highlights Closing the Digital Gap, naval history from the Detroit Boat Show, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Radio Made in Michigan
3:03 pm
Tue February 19, 2013

Current State #27 | February 19, 2013

Today on Current State: Right to Work and Lansing teachers, Michigan's depleting groundwater, new exhibits at the Broad Art Museum and its founding director on the first three months, and home court advantage with The Izzone.

Radio Made in Michigan
4:17 pm
Mon February 18, 2013

Current State #26 | February 18, 2013

Today on Current State: Michigan's hazy medical marijuana regulations, sports with Joe Rexrode, Detroit's  financial woes, MSU's global reach, and Lansing business news with Angela Wittrock.

Radio Made in Michigan
1:40 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

Current State #25 | February 15, 2013

Today on Current State: Michigan's economy and the minimum wage debate; "baby-moons"; Michigan's rich literary history; sports update with Joe Rexrode; and a preview of Downton Abbey music special.

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1:14 pm
Thu February 14, 2013

Current State #24 | February 14, 2013

Today on Current State: Michigan's energy future; Michigan radio legend Mike Whorf talks about life and love songs; MSU research on cyberbullying; a Public Poetry Announcement featuring Jack Gilbert; and  Michigan farmers voice their concerns.

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1:30 pm
Wed February 13, 2013

Current State #23 | February 13, 2013

Today on Current State: City Pulse's Andy Balaskovitz on the latest Lansing city council squabble, potential sale of city's Board of Water and Light; Neighbors in Action features ePIFanyNOW; solutions to record low water levels in Great Lakes ; an "owl prowl"; and Business Leaders for Michigan CEO Doug Rothwell.

Radio Made in Michigan
1:42 pm
Tue February 12, 2013

Current State #22 | February 12, 2013

Today on Current State: Lansing City Council member Brian Jeffries and Lansing Township Supervisor Kathy Rodgers discuss the sale of Waverly Golf Course; MSU jazz professor Rodney Whitaker reflects on his career and previews an upcoming performance;  founders of the Birmingham Urban League recall Alabama in the 1960s; and the MSU band's role in big games.

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3:27 pm
Mon February 11, 2013

Current State #21 | February 11, 2013

Today on Current State:  Local business leader and chairman of the MSU Board of Trustees Joel Ferguson opens up about business, politics; 21st century community building around the #lovelansing Twitter hashtag; sports with the Detroit Free Press' Joe Rexrode, Lansing business news with MLive's Angela Wittrock.

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5:24 pm
Fri February 8, 2013

Current State #20 | February 8, 2013

Today on Current State: State Budget Director John Nixon and State Representative Sam Singh discuss Governor Snyder's budget proposal, sports with Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press, the largest LGBT college student conference comes to Lansing this weekend, Kirk Cousins on his NFL rookie year, and a breakdown of the Grammy nominees in classical music.

Radio Made in Michigan
6:54 pm
Thu February 7, 2013

Current State #19 | February 7, 2013

Today on Current State: Michigan moves closer to expanding Medicaid, assessing MSU and U of M football recruiting classes, a Public Poetry Announcement featuring Robert Hayden, the murals on West Saginaw in Lansing, and a preview of the MSU Symphony's upcoming performance.

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5:55 pm
Wed February 6, 2013

Current State #18 | February 6, 2013

Today on Current State: Newly elected 68th District Representative Andy Schor, Neighbors in Action features literacy non-profit Lansing RIF, a new report about arts in Michigan's economy, state leaders outline new initiatives for Michigan veterans, and remembering the old Stroh's Brewery. 

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4:20 pm
Tue February 5, 2013

Current State #17 | Feb. 5, 2013

On today's Current State: the Niowave pole barn dispute, the new play "U.P.", Ingham County's fight against mortgage fraud, and local graphic artist Karl Gude's work from Newsweek magazine on exhibit at the Michigan Historical Museum.

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1:22 pm
Mon January 14, 2013

Current State #1 | January 14, 2013

Governor Rick Snyder (right) speaks with host Mark Bashore at the Romney Building in Lansing.
Credit Peter Whorf / WKAR

On today’s Current State premiere: Governor Rick Snyder, East Lansing schools, Lansing business news,  MSU basketball and the new therapy dog program in Ionia County.

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