Current State

Current State #582 | July 30, 2015

Jul 30, 2015

Today on Current State: Lansing School Board President Peter Spadafore on transportation costs; Lansing's temporary "parklets"; a review of "The Given World" by Marian Palaia; the Isle Royale wolf population; and a new book on the history of Meridian Township.

Current State #581 | July 29, 2015

Jul 29, 2015

Today on Current State: MLive reporter Jonathan Oosting updates the various marijuana campaigns in Michigan; Lansing's newest venue, The Robin Theatre in REO Town; the Michigan National Guard trains for active shooter incidents; Current State's new "Hear, Here" project; and Neighbors in Action: The Firecracker Foundation.

Current State #580 | July 28, 2015

Jul 28, 2015

Today on Current State: A new report says the while Michigan has experienced recent economic gains, there are more children in the state living in poverty; a pickup hockey game with NHL star Jack Johnson remembers slain MSU student Andrew Singler; our Great Lakes Month in Review looks at toxic algae blooms, nuclear waste and oil pipelines; and a talk with "The Last Laker" author Frederick Stonehouse about the 1913 sinking of the SS Henry B. Smith.

Current State #579 | July 27, 2015

Jul 27, 2015

Today on Current State: A preview of next week's Lansing city council primary election; the benefits of napping at work; Lansing celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act; and keyboard player C.J. Vanston's career playing with stars ranging from Al Pacino to Spinal Tap.

Current State #578 | July 17, 2015

Jul 17, 2015

Today on Current State: New Michigan Department of Corrections Director Heidi Washington; building the world's largest Rube Goldberg contraption in Detroit; how extreme weather events influence how people think about the issue of climate change; and Live Music Friday with Brian Lorente.