Current State #243 | January 29, 2014

Jan 29, 2014

Today on Current State: Cong. Rogers on the State of the Union address; “Strengthening Michigan’s Governing Institutions” project; assisting sexual assault victims; and self-help through the ages.


President Obama shared his priorities for the new year last night in his sixth State of the Union address.  Among those goals:  narrowing the country’s income gap, in part by raising the minimum wage for federal contract employees; immigration reform; and an expansion of employee retirement savings plans.

Andy Schor photo
Michigan House Democrats

A long-time Michigan political insider is launching a bipartisan effort to bolster resources for state legislators. The “Strengthening Michigan’s Governing Institutions” project is the brainchild of Republican/Libertarian Richard McLellan, who thinks term limits have left legislators with too few resources to do their jobs well.


It’s Wednesday and time for our Neighbors in Action segment, where we feature people and organizations working to make our community a better place. Today we feature two organizations that assist victims of sexual assault in our community.

Author distills self-help through the ages

Jan 29, 2014
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Roman Krzarnic is a British author, teacher and philosopher whose latest book, “How Should We Live?” looks at 12 of humanity’s touchstones such as love, money, creativity and time, and then explores what thinkers throughout history have written about them.