Current State #119 | July 1, 2013

Jul 1, 2013

Mandatory insurance for factories to cleanup blight; Michigan’s role in the Civil War; Detroit Tigers legend Ty Cobb from the perspective of his grandson and the documentary film, "Detropia."





Michigan State University researchers are getting attention with a proposed remedy for urban blight. For some years, the city of Lansing and Lansing Township have struggled with abandoned auto plants.  


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This week marks the 150th anniversary of the turning point of the American Civil War: the Battle of Gettysburg.

During this week in 1863, Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s all-out attempt to invade the North was turned down by the Army of the Potomac led by Union General George Meade.

The battle ended with more than 50,000 killed and wounded. Michigan men suffered 40 percent casualties. Gettysburg sent the South on the road to its 1865 surrender.

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Baseball legend Ty Cobb of the Detroit Tigers was the first player elected to the Hall of Fame. He played in Detroit from 1905 to 1926, and then two more seasons in Philadelphia. His career batting average of .367 produced 4,191 hits and 12 batting titles.

Cobb had a well-documented reputation as a tenacious competitor, as well as for being a nasty man. He was hot tempered, and a man who hated, in the words of ESPN’s Larry Schwartz, “northerners, Catholics, blacks, and apparently anybody else who was different from him.”

'Detropia' to air on PBS 'Independent Lens'

Jul 1, 2013


Credit Flickr/Kyle SchultzThe film focuses on three Detroit residents with varying backgrounds and experiences.Edit | Remove

The decline of Detroit and the struggle of people hoping for a brighter future in the Motor City is the focus of the documentary “Detropia," from the makers of the Oscar-nominated “Jesus Camp."