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Eleven months ago, the Lansing Board of Water and Light came under intense criticism for its response to a historic power outage just days before Christmas. About 40-percent of the BWL’s customers lost electricity for several days. The incident sparked a detailed,  independent review of the agency’s procedures. Now, the Lansing Board of Water and Light has named Lansing Assistant Fire Chief Trent Atkins as its first-ever Emergency Operations Manager.

Look up the word “catcall” in the dictionary and it reads “a shrill, whistle-like sound or loud raucous shout made to express disapproval at a theater, meeting, etc.”  But the word’s come to mean a lot more in 2014. That became clear last week, after a video of a woman getting catcalled by men in New York City went viral and triggered days of discussion.

Neighbors in Action: Peckham, Inc. | WKAR

Oct 29, 2014

It’s Wednesday and time for our Neighbors in Action segment, where we feature people and organizations working to make our community a better place. Today, we hear from Peckham Incorporated, a non-profit that provides employment and job training for people with disabilities.

Just in time for Halloween week, Current State’s Peter Whorf brings us this monstrous tale. It's a tale of competitive pumpkin growing in Michigan.

NIA: Small Talk Children's Assessment Center

Oct 22, 2014

For our weekly Neighbors in Action segment, we talk with an organization working to help victims of child abuse navigate the criminal justice process. The Small Talk Children's Assessment Center is holding a fundraiser at the Halloween Hustle 5k on Sunday, October 26 at Sleepy Hollow State Park. 

We talked to executive director Carrie Gregg and Ingham County detective Annie Harrison about their work.

This past weekend, the Extraordinary Papal Synod on the Family convened to discuss issues regarding the Catholic Church’s gay and divorced members.

PROFILES: One transgender woman's journey

Oct 14, 2014
Courtesy - Cadence Custin

A few weeks ago, we kicked off a new series called Profiles, where we sit down for extended conversations with people in our community. Today, Current State's Joe Linstroth speaks with a young woman to find out what it was actually like for one transgender person to undergo the transition from being a man to a woman.

It’s Wednesday and time for our Neighbors in Action segment, where we feature people and organizations working to make our community a better place. Today we feature The Michigan Parkinson Foundation, a  statewide non-profit that focuses on education and support for individuals and families affected by the neurological disorder. This Saturday, the Michigan Parkinson Foundation will be hosting a walk-a-thon and 5K in Okemos to raise awareness and money for their efforts.

Tailgating is about a lot more than football

Sep 23, 2014
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It's the first day of autumn, and that means football. If you've ever been to Michigan State University or any major football game, you've noticed a lot of activity that takes place outside of the stadium. Tailgating brings people together, and not all of them are even planning to attend the game.

The recent spate of violent episodes connected to well-known sports figures has brought the subject of domestic abuse back into the spotlight. It’s a problem that’s never far from home, though, and for every high-profile case, there are countless incidents among our own friends, relatives and colleagues.

Scott Pohl, WKAR

Lansing Catholic High School is building a new chapel, and the project is getting an unusual boost from a team of volunteers. They call themselves the Pew Crew, and they're building all of the pews that will be installed in Lansing Catholic’s new chapel. These pews won’t cost the school a dime.

Citizen journalists drive online EL news site

Sep 17, 2014

Could a community food co-op be a model for a viable, online news source? A news “cooperative” if you will? Two East Lansing residents  are about to learn the answer to that question.

Neighbors in Action: Kiwanis Aktion Clubs | WKAR

Sep 17, 2014

It’s Wednesday and time for our Neighbors in Action segment, where we feature people and organizations working to make our community a better place. Today we feature the Kiwanis Aktion Clubs. The nationwide program, with 34 clubs across Michigan, is one of the only service clubs for adults with disabilities.

East Lansing honors immigrants with 'peace pole'

Sep 16, 2014
Nathan Triplett photo
Courtesy photo / City of East Lansing

The city of East Lansing is taking time tomorrow for a special acknowledgement of the contributions of immigrants and refugees to the community. Beginning at 8:30 a.m., officials and guests will celebrate the unveiling of a ‘peace pole’ at the intersection of Abbot and Albert Avenues, downtown.

NPR's Michele Norris brings Race Card Project to MSU

Sep 15, 2014 - Mary Noble Ours

To longtime NPR listeners, Michele Norris is a familiar voice. She’s the former co-host of All Things Considered, and is the curator of the Race Card Project. Her memoir, “The Grace of Silence,” is one of the offerings in the most recent “One Book, One Community” program.