City Center II

EL Officials Get Input on Downtown

Sep 7, 2012
Mark Bashore / WKAR

East Lansing city officials say they're pleased with the public input they're getting about what to do with some prime downtown real estate.

City Center II Discussions End

Jun 26, 2012
Courtesy / Strathmore Development

East Lansing city officials and Strathmore Development have ended years of ongoing discussions over City Center II.

Courtesy / Strathmore Development

For years, East Lansing has struggled over what to do about the derelict buildings at Grand River and Abbot Road.  Some say an ambitious, multi-use development--City Center II--could be transformational.   That  proposal enters a crucial phase today.  The city council begins what could be the final discussions involving Strathmore Development’s $105-million downtown development plan.  WKAR’s Mark Bashore reports on what could be “high noon” for the seven year old public-private venture.