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TECHNOTE: TV and FM broadcast reception

4 hours ago
5/20/18 Today the new antenna was mounted atop the tower
WKAR Illustration

THURSDAY 5/24/18 is now the target date for WKAR TV to return to full power broadcasting, on the new channel, and for 90.5 FM to return to full power. Technical complications and additional weather delays could move that date. Please check this page daily for updates. | About this project

UPDATE 5/20/18, 7:00pm: The new antenna is mounted atop the tower! As of 3:50pm, TV and FM went back on the air at reduced power for the evening. Work continues Monday as weather allows.

The crew was amazing today! The gin pole was elevated above the antenna, the 5150-lb. channel 40 antenna was lowered to the ground; the 4800-lb. channel 33 antenna was elevated and mounted to the top of the tower; and the gin pole was lowered below the antenna for safety overnight.

Work still ahead: connect the transmission line to the antenna; complete installation of a new TV standby antenna; test the operation of the new antenna; disassemble and lower the gin pole. The work continues to be weather-dependent.

ice on antenna
Gary Blievernicht / WKAR-MSU

UPDATE: 90.5 returned to full power at 5:32p on Thursday. 4/19

TECHNOTE: AM870 Maintenance 8am Aug. 1

Jul 31, 2017

UPDATE 8:10 A.M.: WKAR-AM 870 returned to the air by 8:07 a.m. 8/1/17.

One of the largest and most reliable sources of operating revenue for WKAR Radio is individual donors – thousands of members who give year after year to support their favorite programs.

WKAR Radio has three on-air fundraising campaigns each year. They are unique opportunities to use our broadcast signal to reach out and directly ask our listeners for support. Each campaign is vital to our overall funding and the most efficient way to gain new supporters. Our next campaign will be held on October 20-25, 2015.


Have a family, friendly event coming up in the mid-Michigan area?

Looking for a unique way to get more families involved?

WKAR will be airing the buzzed-about Ken Burn's documentary, Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies. We are looking for 6 businesses that would like to sponsor this important topic and show.

Below you will find a link to the sales sheet. The show will air in 3 parts on March 30, 31, and April 1 from 9-11 PM.


Check out my video on how WKAR Radio can help your company or organization connect with our over 53,000 radio listeners on 90.5 FM.

NPR News Sponsor Tag

Jan 15, 2015

Looking for an affordable way to reach the WKAR 90.5 FM radio audience?

WKAR is excited to announce a new special seven second news sponsor tag to be read at the top of each hour during NPR News programming. Best of all, it is extremely affordable!

Click on the link below for more information on this program, but act fast. These sponsorships are limited to one per hour. First come first served!


Brian Town, President of Michigan Creative, a local marketing firm with a goal of providing expert creative services to Michigan business, is a small business located in Lansing's NEO Center. They decided to underwrite during NPR and Current State on WKAR's 90.5 FM as a means to be philanthropic and give back to the community. Below is the message they currently have running 3 times per week for the next three months.

This year WKAR is offering businesses a unique way to reach the vast WKAR audience for the holidays.

For a gift of $1,500 you can reach our TV audience using WKAR holiday specials including Silver Bells In the City, Home for the Holiday's, and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir along with our holiday classical music listeners during the live hosted classical music hours of 10 AM to 4 PM weekdays.

The leaves are turning, the temperatures are dropping, and the local cafes smell of pumpkin spice. Yes, my friends, we have entered fall.

Another thing that happens in the fall is elections. All of those signs littering lawns across America, along with politicians bashing each another can be very tiresome while watching or listening to your favorite shows. And if you're a business owner or media buyer trying to get a jump start on holiday promotions, good luck getting a TV spot on a major network or favorite cable station or during radio drive times.

Join WKAR at the 40th Annual Kaleidoscope

Aug 1, 2014

Featuring Jessica Fellowes, worldwide best-selling author of The World of Downton Abbey and The Chronicles of Downton Abbey.

test post 7/30/13

Jul 30, 2013

w.r. richards / WKAR-MSU

John Douglas Quintet on BackStage Pass debuts Sunday, February 10, at 7 p.m. on WKAR-TV. Here's an extended excerpt from the BackStage Pass interview.