Wind Turbines
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A group seeking to boost Michigan's renewable energy requirement says it won't move forward with a ballot initiative after Michigan's dominant utilities agreed to accelerate plans to produce cleaner energy.

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A group with ties to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is challenging a 2018 ballot initiative that aims to end political gerrymandering by empowering an independent commission to draw the state's congressional and legislative districts.

Brian Calley
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Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley is the fourth Republican running for governor to file petition signatures to appear on the primary ballot. As we hear from Capitol Bureau Chief Rick Pluta, he wants to succeed Governor Rick Snyder.

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Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Calley has submitted more than 25,000 nominating signatures to qualify for the ballot.

A group pushing to repeal Michigan's law that requires higher "prevailing" wages on state-financed construction projects wants the state to certify its petitions without pulling a larger sample to review.

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Former President Bill Clinton is encouraging Michigan voters to approve Proposal Three on the November ballot.

If passed, a ballot proposal meant to stall a new international bridge in Detroit could cost Michigan taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. That’s according to a report from the Senate Fiscal Agency.

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The campaigns squaring off against each other over Proposal 3 on the November ballot are arguing the economic merits of renewable energy.

The Michigan Supreme Court has ordered three additional questions onto the statewide November ballot. But it blocked a proposal to allow eight new non-tribal casinos.

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The Michigan Supreme Court is expected to rule early this week on which questions will appear on the November ballot. The court has to rule this week if the state is going to meet state and federal elections deadlines.

The Michigan Supreme Court is expected to rule Friday on challenges to four questions proposed for the statewide November ballot following a three-hour hearing Thursday.

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The Michigan Supreme Court will hold a hearing Thursday on whether four questions should appear on the statewide November ballot.

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The Michigan Court of Appeals has ordered the proposal to protect collective bargaining rights in the state constitution onto the November ballot.

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The campaign to allow eight new non-tribal casinos will have to go back to court to get a spot on the November ballot.

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The Michigan Supreme Court has ordered the state appeals court to decide by Monday whether a union-supported referendum gets on the November ballot.