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Ann Arbor group goes banzai for Bonsai this weekend

Aug 27, 2015
bonsai tree

Current State zens out while the Ann Arbor Bonsai Society gets ready for their 43rd Annual Bonsai Show at the Matthei Botanical Gardens this weekend.

This weekend in Ann Arbor, a group of Michiganders with a horticultural interest in miniature trees is setting up a rather big display. The Ann Arbor Bonsai Society will be meeting for their 43rd annual Bonsai Show at the Matthei Botanical Gardens.

Ray Bentley photo
Courtesy photo / Five Count Publishing

ESPN football analyst Ray Bentley has written his first novel. Current State’s Scott Pohl talks with him about “Driftwood.” Bentley also has high expectations for the Michigan State football team this season.

unmade bed photo
José Manuel Ríos Valiente / Flickr Creative Commons

The days are getting shorter and soon we’ll be trading in our swimsuits for sweaters. So, we thought a poem about endings would be appropriate for a Public Poetry Announcement at the end of summer. Anita Skeen, Director of MSU’s Center for Poetry, reads “Otherwise” by Jane Kenyon.

Rachel Brown photo
Scott Pohl / WKAR

Our Live Music Friday guest this week is Rachel Brown. She has a Friday night Pump House concert with her band the Beatnik Playboys in East Lansing, and you can also see here during a solo Acoustic Lunch show today at the Broad Art Museum.

Documentary exploring LEGO culture comes to Ann Arbor

Aug 13, 2015
photo of 'Yellow' by artist Nathan Sawaya
Courtesy photo

A feature length documentary about the Danish toy behemoth LEGO will screen this weekend at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. Current State's Jamie Paisley talks with co-director Daniel Junge.