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Tim Skubick
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Weekly Michigan Public TV coverage of the governor’s office, the state legislature, the political campaign trail, and state government. With senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick and his capitol press corps colleagues.

Viewpoints expressed by guests and the host of "Off the Record" are solely those of the individuals. As a nonpartisan media network and producer of "Off the Record," WKAR welcomes guests and political analysts with differing perspectives and insights to openly discuss current issues as a venue for insightful public debate. Discussions on the show are taped live and unedited.

Off the Record 3/25/16 | Ep. 4539

Mar 24, 2016

Topics: Gov. Snyder's testimony to congress.  Guest: Sen. Jim Ananich, (D) Flint.

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Off the Record 3/18/16 | Ep. 4538

Mar 17, 2016

Topics: Flint Water Hearings.  Guest: Rep. Al Pscholka, (R).

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Off the Record 3/11/16 | Ep. 4537

Mar 11, 2016

Topic: Bernie wins Michigan. Guest: Former GOP House Speaker and Trump supporter, Rick Johnson.

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After the broadcast episode taping concludes, the panel continues to chat for this online exclusive.

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Off the Record 3/4/16 | Ep. 4536

Mar 4, 2016

Correspondents Edition: Topics: GOP Debate in Detroit, Courser and Gamrat in court, a top Democrat calls for Governor to resign.

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