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A showcase of music made in Michigan and the Great Lakes region. Backstage Pass captures the sights and sounds of open-air festivals and in studio performances and shares insights from the artists that make the music.

Festival performances are produced in association with Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art and MessageMakers.

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Indie rock from Grand Rapids.
also Sat. Apr 7 at 8p on WKAR WORLD | Sat. Apr 7 at 11p on WKAR HD/23

The soulful blues guitar powerhouse from Saginaw comes to BackStage Pass.
airs Thu. Mar 29 at 10p on WKAR HD/23 | Sat. Mar 31 at 8p on WKAR WORLD | Sat. Mar 31 at 11p on WKAR HD/23

Rehearsal and behind-the-scenes images of Larry McCray on BackStage Pass.
From the April 2011 taping in WKAR Studio A, for a 2012 episode of BackStage Pass from WKAR.


Larry McCray on BackStage Pass

Scenes from the April 2011 taping in WKAR Studio A, for a 2012 episode of BackStage Pass from WKAR.


Larry McCray and his band have been an integral part of the Michigan blues scene for over 20 years. He has released six studio albums and has received the prestige title of Orville Gibson Male Blues Guitarist in 2000.

Larry talks here about musical creativity:

If you can't step outside the lines and put any of your own influence, then there's not really much of a future left for musicians.

An evening of chamber music from Mozart and Faure.
First aired 3/22/12

Matt Hallowell / WKAR

Celtic-American mash-up from a Michigan favorite.

Matt Hallowell / WKAR

Dueling piano boogie from Michigan rock and blues legends.

Matt Hallowell / WKAR

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Crunching funk and smooth jazz from Grammy-honored Lansing bassist.

Matt Hallowell / WKAR

Uplifting folk/pop songs with a message from award-winning northern Michigan duo.

Matt Hallowell / WKAR

Blues rock from Flint, Michigan, featuring slide-guitar master Rusty Wright.

Matt Hallowell / WKAR

Folk, jazz and humor from iconic Ann Arbor trio.

w.r. richards / WKAR

Edgy, harmonic tunes and favorites from nineties alt-rock icons.

Originally aired 4/7/11

M. Walters / WKAR

Tropic folk-rock whisks you away to warm sunny climates.

Originally aired 3/31/11

M. Walters / WKAR

Sizzling hot dance hall rockabilly from West Michigan.

Originally aired 3/24/11