Year-Round Schools Get More Money, But Future Of Program In Question

Jul 3, 2014

As most Michigan students enjoy their summer vacations, some schools are using new state funding to add air conditioning and other things so they can teach year-round.

But as The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher reports, some supporters of year-round schools fear future funding for that program is in jeopardy.

Governor Rick Snyder just signed an education budget that includes one-point-five million dollars to help districts spread their school days more evenly throughout the year. But at the last minute – lawmakers decided to cut money that would automatically continue into future budgets.

Democratic state Representative Andy Schor is spearheading the push in the Legislature for year-round schools. And he’s worried.

“Being in a year-round school has tremendous positives,” he says.  “And those parents and those students won’t have the option to take advantage of that if they choose to.”

Schor says students forget too much of what they learn during the school year over long summer breaks.