Wide Variation Found in Drunk Driving Arrest Rates

Sep 10, 2012

A news organization has found wide variations in the rates of drunken driving arrests among Michigan police agencies, with the hometowns of Michigan State University and the University of Michigan showing one of the sharpest contrasts.

Mlive.com (http://bit.ly/TCG9oT ) says it examined drunken driving arrest rates across Michigan.
The results show that police in East Lansing made 620 such arrests last year. The 54 fulltime officers on the police department in the hometown of Michigan State University averaged 11.5 arrests each last year.
The study finds that Ann Arbor police made 101 drunken driving arrests in 2011. The University of Michigan's hometown has 117 fulltime police officers, and they averaged 0.9 drunken driving arrests in 2011.
Big city departments facing higher crime rates often have lower arrest rates than neighboring suburbs.