White Nationalist Richard Spencer Speaks Today at MSU

Mar 5, 2018

Controversial alt-right leader Richard Spencer will speak at Michigan State University today...and the campus community is taking precautions.


As president of the ultra conservative National Policy Institute, Richard Spencer advocates white supremacy.  He was a key figure in the “Unite The Right” Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last August, an event marred by violence and the death of local activist Heather Heyer.


Spencer will address an invitation-only crowd at the MSU Pavilion just south of the main campus. 


Security will be tight.  Police are asking people traveling around campus to be patient.


“This meeting could impact traffic,” says MSU Police Capt. Doug Monette. “Make a strategy or a plan how you’re going to get somewhere if you have go around that area, or just avoid that area altogether.”


Monette says police are prepared to ensure public safety in and around the venue.


The event begins at 4:30.