Walberg announces for 7th in 2010

EAST LANSING, MI – A hard fought race for a key Michigan Congressional district may unfold again in 2010. Republican Tim Walberg Tuesday announced he'll pursue his old job representing the 7th district. Democrat Mark Schauer defeated Walberg last November with 49-percent of the vote. Michigan political analyst Bill Ballenger:

"There's no question that Tim Walberg would have been re-elected if he'd had any kind of help at the top of the ticket in 2008. He didn't get it," he says.

Democrats were lifted by the Presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, while the GOP's John McCain stopped campaigning in Michigan. Ballenger says Walberg is banking on a stronger Republican ticket in Michigan next year.

Walberg says voters in the district oppose the runaway federal spending and expanding government they're seeing under democrats in Washington.