Voting advocate group helps MSU students cast ballots

Nov 5, 2012

As the presidential election draws near, a voting advocacy group at Michigan State University is helping students prepare to cast their ballot.

Credit WKAR File Photo

Nate Cradit works with You Vote, a non-partisan voting initiative that informs MSU students about voting and everything that comes with that, including locations and sample ballots.

Cradit says of the 17 voting precincts in East Lansing, five are on campus.

"We do have voting locations on campus at Brody Hall, Abbot, West Akers, Wilson (Hall) and the People's Church on Grand River," he says.

This year's ballot is two pages long.  Cradit says You Vote's website makes it easy for students to prepare.

"You can pull up your exact ballot that you're going to see on Election Day and you can actually print it off and use that to do research on candidates or proposals and decide how you're going to vote and bring it in as a cheat-sheet," Cradit adds.

Michigan law requires students to vote at their designated polling site, which is based on the address on their driver's license.