Universities may have to report details of embryonic stem cell research

Lansing, MI – The state Senate subcommittee that oversees the higher education budget has approved a measure requiring universities to report the number of embryos it receives and stores for stem cell research.


The measure to require reports on embryonic stem cell research is being added into the universities budget after more serious stem cell bills have failed to generate support in the Legislature.

And Democratic state Representative Liz Brater says although she thinks this measure is pretty cut and dry, she's not convinced it's necessary.

"Are we trying to circumvent the will of the voters here?" Brater asks.

Republican state Senator Tom George says "no."

"I would defy anyone to show me how this reporting measure interferes with research, sends scientists away, or overturns the will of the people," George says. "It does none of those things."

The subcommittee approved the measure with a 5-to-2 vote. Governor Granholm says she does not support enacting new regulations around what voters have already approved.