Underground Railroad: The William Still Story on WKAR-TV

Feb 1, 2014

 Mon., Feb. 17, 9 pm | The story of William Still, one of the most important yet unheralded individuals of the Underground Railroad.

William Still is reunited with his long-lost brother Peter who has been sold down the river after Still’s mother escaped to the North.
Credit Courtesy of 90th Parallel Productions Ltd

Extraordinary people risked their lives to help fugitive slaves escape via the clandestine Underground Railroad. Among them was William Still of Philadelphia, a free black man who accepted delivery of transported crates containing human "cargo." This documentary reveals some of the dramatic, lesser-known stories behind this humanitarian enterprise, and explores key Canadian connections, including the surprising fate of former slaves who crossed the border to "Freedom’s Land."

Presented by WKAR as part of MSU Project 60/50