UM study: gun owners approve some restrictions

Apr 24, 2017

A new University of Michigan research shows that a majority of gun owners favor restrictions on where firearms are permitted.

A research team led by Julia Wolfson, assistant professor of health management and policy at U-M, conducted a web survey with over 3,900 participants, which included gun owners and veterans.

The survey determined that fewer than 1 in 3 adults support allowing guns to be carried in certain public places.

According to Wolfson and her team’s research, 45 percent of Americans, 25 percent of gun owners and 53 percent of non-gun owners, believe firearms should not be carried in locations such as restaurants, schools and government buildings.

1 in 5 surveyed supported carrying guns in schools, bars and sports stadiums. Only twenty-three percent supported allowing guns on college campuses.

Gun owners and conservatives are vocally supportive of allowing guns in public. However, 78 percent still supported some restrictions on the exact public locations where guns can be carried.

California, Florida and Illinois, prohibit the carrying of firearms in all public places. Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin, all have laws allowing guns to be carried on college campuses.