Treasurer: Emergency Managers To Be Re-Appointed

Aug 3, 2012

State Treasurer Andy Dillon says the emergency managers running four cities in Michigan will be quickly re-appointed to serve as emergency financial managers under the former law – with one exception.

“That option is not available for the city of Flint because the current EM served as mayor and under Public Act 72 he would not be eligible to serve as an EFM," he says. "He served as mayor in the last five years, which is why he is not eligible to be an EFM.”

Dillon says emergency manager Michael Brown has agreed to serve as an advisor to ease the transition to his successor. The emergency managers running three school districts are also expected to be re-appointed under the old law.

Governor Rick Snyder is also expected to ask the Legislature to adopt a stop-gap law that will govern how cities and school districts under state oversight are run until after the referendum vote in November.