Trash collection schedule changing in Lansing


The schedule for picking up trash in Lansing is changing this week.

AUDIO: One of Lansing's moves to cut $12-million from the budget was a decision to pick trash up four days a week instead of five. Starting this week, there won't be any trash pickups on Fridays. Many residents will put their trash out on a different day from what they're used to.

Public Service Director Chad Gamble says that when faced with a 36 hour work week, trash collectors approved a four day, nine hours a day schedule.

"Working four days a week gives them a three day weekend," Gamble says, "with the opportunity to do some other things, to perhaps make that up to spend more time with their families and so on. So, it's an opportunity to try to create a win-win in this very challenging time."

Letters went out to residents outlining the changes, and there's a new schedule map posted online at

And, while most government operations are closed today for the Independence Day holiday, those on a Monday collection schedule will have their trash picked up today.