Toronto's ice storm woes sound familiar

Jan 13, 2014

Toronto, like Lansing, was hit hard by the December ice storm.
Credit Flickr - photolific

On December 22nd, a powerful ice storm knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers, some for more than a week. Many people without electricity struggled get basic information and to get through to the municipally-owned power company to report outages. Some even took to social media to pick up the slack on their own. We’re not talking about the Lansing-area and Board of Water and Light. We’re talking about Toronto, which was hit by the same ice storm that wreaked havoc on us three weeks ago.

In Toronto, like Lansing, a high-level public official took some heat for slipping out of town to be with family over Christmas while others celebrated the holiday in the dark. Then discussions followed about tree-trimming and burying the lines followed, along with calls for an independent review. Sound familiar?

Renata D’Aliesio has been covering the outage for the Toronto Globe and Mail. She says 300,000 customers were without power in Toronto, with another 300,000 in the dark elsewhere in Ontario.