Three Gun Bills Move to Michigan Senate

Jan 23, 2013

A bill that would shield some guns in Michigan from federal regulations is going to the floor of the state Senate. A panel of state lawmakers Wednesday passed the bill along with other gun-related measures.

The federal government would not be able to regulate guns made and sold in Michigan, as long as they don’t cross state lines. It’s a response to recent Obama administration gun control recommendations.

Republican state Senator Phil Pavlov says the federal proposals could threaten both the Second Amendment and states’ rights.

“What we’re saying with this bill is, let the state of Michigan and our citizens and our rule-making ability determine what’s important for our gun owners," Pavlov says.

Some members of the panel questioned whether the bill would be constitutional, including Republican state Senator Tonya Schuitmaker. She later voted “yes.”

The committee also approved a bill to make certain information about guns and their owners immune from public information requests.