THINK WEDNESDAY - Monkeys and More

Apr 19, 2014

Wed. Apr. 23 - 8pm - 23.1 WKAR-HD | Nature features  "Snow Monkeys," Nova Inside Animal Minds explores "Who's Smartest,"  Your Inner Fish finds "Your Inner Monkey."

A juvenile holds her 8 month old sister closely. The strongest bonds are between family members. Sisters are always eager to care for their younger siblings. Jigokudani, Japan
Credit Joseph Pontecorvo / ©THIRTEEN Productions LLC

Nature - Snow Monkeys
Wed. Apr. 23 - 8pm - 23.1 WKAR-HD

A look at a troop of snow monkeys that lives in Japan's frigid Shiga Highlands. The primates have a complex, structured society, so it's surprising when the new leader—a solitary figure that's something of a grouch—bonds with a little monkey.

NOVA - Inside Animal Minds: Who's the Smartest?
Wed. Apr. 23 - 9pm - 23.1 WKAR-HD

An examination of animal intelligence. Scientists have observed that many clever creatures live in complex social groups, including apes, dolphins and elephants.

Your Inner Fish - Your Inner Monkey
Wed. Apr. 23 - 10pm - 23.1 WKAR-HD

Conclusion of Your Inner Fish. The traits that humans inherited from primates are detailed, including versatile hands, good vision and able brains. Not everything proved to be sterling, however: bad backs and a terrible sense of smell also hail from the simian forebears.