'Think Wednesday' and Your Inner Fish

Apr 6, 2014

NEW: Join WKAR and PBS every week for "Think Wednesdays," a primetime line-up of nature, science and technology programs.

NOVA: Inside Animal Minds: Smartest airs April 23
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NEW: Join PBS every week for Think Wednesdays, a primetime line-up of nature, science and technology programs. This week: NATURE: My Bionic Pet, NOVA: Inside Animal Minds and the premiere of the new three-part series, Your Inner Fish.

This week, April 9 on 23.1 WKAR-HD:

8:00 PM    
Nature: My Bionic Pet
A look at disabled animals that are being helped by prosthetics. Included: Roofus, a blind golden retriever with deformed front legs that walks thanks to specialized prosthetics; Driftwood, a border collie puppy with artificial hind feet.

9:00 PM
Nova: Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius
An examination of the mental prowess of birds. Included: a cockatoo that can pick locks; a wild crow focused on an eight-step puzzle; and a raven that can solve a puzzle box so fast that high-speed photography is needed to document it.

10:00 PM
Your Inner Fish
Paleobiologist Neil Shubin examines the evolutionary roots of humans through evidence found within human DNA and the fossil record in this three-part series. First up: the legacy left humans by the first fish to lumber onto land.