Tea Party Express will rally in Lansing Saturday

Lansing, MI – LANSING, MI (WKAR) - One of Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak's harshest critics is celebrating word of the congressman's retirement. The Tea Party Express is planning to rally in Lansing Saturday evening.


The grass roots group was holding a rally in Escanaba when Stupak announced he's stepping down after nine terms in Congress. The Tea Party Express had launched a $250,000 media blitz to chastise Stupak for his support of the health care reform bill.

Tomorrow, the group brings its message to Lansing with a rally at the state capitol.

"I think the tone that we'll have in Lansing is the same that we'll have throughout Michigan, and that is that the government of this state and this nation need to listen to its people," says Tea Party Express communications director Levi Russell. "And when they do not listen to the people, that's when we have these problems and that's when the frustrations start."

Russell says the rest of the tour will be something of a victory lap for the group, but he says the hard work of finding a conservative replacement for Stupak is just beginning.