Sustainability and CAFOs in livestock feed process

Mar 21, 2013

Some farmers feel that federal tax dollars create an unfair situation for sustainable livestock operations by favoring subsidies for CAFOs.

Agriculture is Michigan’s second largest industry. With the exception of California, no other state produces such a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables.  Michigan also has a large livestock industry.  Over the years, the state has seen an expansion of “CAFOs:” or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.  In exchange for high food product output, CAFO’s also produce a lot of waste.

Tonight, a panel discussion at Michigan State University will study the effect of CAFOs and the future for sustainable agriculture. Panelist and farmer Daniel Imhoff is the author of the book “Food Fight.”  Maynard Beery runs Beery Farms of Michigan in Mason, and is also a member of the Less Equals More Coalition, which is sponsoring tonight’s forum. Beery and Imhoff discuss CAFOs and sustainability.