Susi's Station Notes: What a Week!

Aug 3, 2012

It's been another busy week for us, both in the studio and out! On Thursday we recorded the only debate that U.S. Senate candidates Pete Hoekstra, Clark Durant and Randall Heckman will hold before the primary. This Off the Record Special was moderated by Tim Skubick and with the no-rules format, it made for some lively conversation.

It was just as lively outside the studio, with representatives of the capitol press corps and some of our major donors filling a pool room down the hall. When the studios opened up after the taping, the reporters flooded in and candidates answered even more questions.

Meanwhile, our production team was turning around the program quickly to prepare for air and getting the post-debate conversation online posted on

With that under our belts, we're headed to Lansing's Old Town on Friday night and Saturday for some lively jazz where we'll record acts from Lansing JazzFest for BackStage Pass. I'll be there both days, at the MessageMakers stage and Peep, the charming chick from Peep and the Big Wide World will be over near the MICA stage at the south end of Turner Street Friday early evening and Saturday late afternoon to meet the kids!

Stop by and say hello!