Susi's Station Notes: We Asked, You Answered!

Jul 19, 2013

Our recent survey to members asking them for feedback on the Red Green Show and Lawrence Welk brought a terrific response. Whether you like these shows or not, you all had a lot to say!

Red Green

Some of you mentioned a lack of Britcoms. We’ve done our best to gather support for these shows during our membership campaigns with somewhat dismal results. We’ll be polling more about these later, but please know, our programs come with a cost and we cannot pay for it unless we know we have your financial support for that program.

There was lots of feedback on Lawrence Welk – some found it old and redundant. Others said their young children (or their grandmothers) love it and that they found it nostalgic.

Another wrote “I kind of view Lawrence Welk in the way I view the exhibits of the Museum of Natural History. Colorful and historically interesting, but not so relevant to everyday life.”

Red Green also received diverse comments, some loving it, some hating it and still others saying it was just corny. Still another wrote "A strange combination, but we enjoy both programs.”

We appreciated that a number of you indicated that you understood not every program appealed to every viewer and that was OK. “I do not watch either show much personally,” wrote one member. “Both shows have their own following amongst your supporters and their support should be rewarded with the shows that they personally like. If the shows have a strong following they should be continued.”

Lawrence Welk

Many of you shared your favorites which included Call the Midwife, PBS NewsHour, Masterpiece Theatre, Live From Lincoln Center, Antiques Roadshow, Independent Lens, Washington Week, NOVA and specials such as Lewis and Clark. Others said they would like more folk music. Yet another said they would “rather see funds go towards BackStage Pass.

But many indicated that they were glad to be asked. Several commented on this, thanking us for the opportunity.

Given the feedback we received, we will renew our rights for both Red Green and Lawrence Welk for the 2013-14 season. And, based on some of the comments we received from you, we will also look into raising more financial support for British comedies.

But the most important thing that we learned from this survey is that our members really care. “Keep up the good work of providing educational and entertaining programs!” said one. Another wrote, “Thank Goodness for Public Television!”

To that we say, “Thank Goodness for YOU!”