Susi's Station Notes: Two New Shows!

Sep 6, 2013

Last week I wrote about the new fall season at WKAR. But some of that new season is recorded right here -- and it all begins next week!

QuizBusters host Matt Ottinger

QuizBusters Special Edition

On Monday, September 9, we are going to welcome 16 personalities representing local broadcast and print media, business, sports, business and the university community to the WKAR studios for the second QuizBusters Special Edition recording. Check this link to see if seats are remaining!

These individuals will form four teams and they'll battle for bragging rights as they answer Matt Ottinger's rapid-fire questions. I'm excited to see so many people I've admired from right here in mid-Michigan step on stage and go for the buzzers!

Competing in Game One will be Al Martin, Darrin Rockcole, Stephanie McCoy and Kathleen Lavey against Tico Duckett, Mark Bashore, Andrea King Collier and Lora Helou.

Competing in Game Two are Tim Bograkos, Jane Aldrich, Chad Jordan and Jess Knott against Lisa Smith, Mark Hollis, Doug DeLind and Pam Whitten.

We'll air those two games back-to-back in October on WKAR. Watch for details.

Al Martin
Credit Stacy Landry/WKAR-MSU

Current Sports TV

Then on Thursday, September 12, Current Sports TV with Al Martin debuts, featuring special guest, Greg "Special K" Kelser. I was in the studio as we were recording the opening show. I was impressed with "Special K" from before, recalling his basketball career here at MSU and in the NBA. But hearing his opinions on so many issues related to sports was fascinating and I found myself admiring him all the more. I think you will, too.

Meanwhile, Current Sports TV will be recording on Wednesday evenings here at WKAR. We need a studio audience for each of these programs. Remember, you can sign up online here at at