Susi's Station Notes: Take Us With You!

Oct 19, 2012

WKAR is everywhere you go! No matter where you are, chances are that you can watch a WKAR program, listen to WKAR Radio or find out what's happening here on our social media sites.

If you are an iPad user, you may not yet know about a wonderful new feature for your iPad or mobile device.

Now you can watch WKAR and PBS programs wherever you can use your iPad or mobile device. Just go to and check it out. You'll be able to see weekly episodes of Off the Record and QuizBusters, and coming soon, the new season of BackStage Pass. You'll also be able to watch PBS favorites.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it.

Both 90.5 and AM 870 are available for online streaming at, but we also stream all-jazz, all-folk and all-classical (no news programming) online as well. We have a number of listeners who enjoy WKAR's programming at sites around the world.

And don't forget — WKAR's Facebook pages include those for our local programs, 90.5 Classical, WKAR Newsroom, WKAR Education Services and WKAR Public Media, our main site. Like them all or a few — and don't forget, if you are visiting us for a screening, a taping or a meeting, remember check in on Facebook while you are here!