Susi's Station Notes: Spring Pledge Campaign Is Here!

Jun 7, 2013

As you know, WKAR-TV has four pledge campaigns each year and we have been successful in shortening them in the past year so that we can return to your favorites more quickly.

Please support COMMERCIAL-FREE programming on WKAR today!

This is our end-of-fiscal-year campaign, and we're looking to close the books with a great drive. We know we can do it with your support.

You may not realize it, but only about one viewer in 25 supports WKAR with an annual gift. TV and Radio combined have 15,000 members, some of whom overlap, many of whom do not.

A Sobering Thought

Now think about placing those 15,000 members in MSU's football stadium, which seats about 78,000.

We cover all of mid-Michigan with our viewing signal; I hate to think that we can't even fill Spartan Stadium.

That's why your gift is so important -- and why rely on those who make their annual renewal, additional gift or become a new member.

Your Participation Matters

We've often said the size of the gift matters less than the fact that you are part of our family. Of course, if you can afford to make a more generous gift, we certainly can put it to good use -- and in our own way, return it to you every day of the year.

Please let us hear from you by phone now through June 17 or online anytime. You can give right HERE  if you like!

And thank you so very much for your support of WKAR.