Susi's Station Notes: So Much Fun!

Jun 14, 2013

There's too much fun going on this week at WKAR!

Susi Elkins

Now through June 17, we'll be wrapping up our end-of-fiscal year membership campaign. I hope you have renewed your gift to WKAR-TV if it's that time for you. And of course new members and additional gifts are always welcome!

Then on Tuesday we will begin three days at East Lansing's Hannah Community Center recording six of the concerts for the next season of BackStage Pass. You'll be able to enjoy everything from hard rock to horn-driven funk, island rhythms and ska-punk during the free three-day event. You can still get tickets for this open-seating event here or from the bands and at various locations in the Lansing/East Lansing area.

We'll be on the road in August and September recording more BackStage Pass concerts at the Lansing JazzFest and Old Town BluesFest.

On June 21, look for WKAR Radio at the Summer Solstice Jazz Festival (June 21-22) in downtown East Lansing. We'll be broadcasting the Friday night line-up live. If you're there, stop by and say hello -- and if you can't make it, listen on 90.5.

There's a lot coming your way this week -- and as we always say, there's lots to like at WKAR! We hope we'll see you there!