Susi's Station Notes: Shorter Pledge Campaigns!

Aug 17, 2012

You may have noticed that WKAR's fundraising campaign began on Thursday. We're trying something new this year. Instead of having our regular 16-day campaigns four times a year, we are hoping to have those events go only eleven days.

You might say, "Don't you need the money?" and the answer is "Yes! We do!" Our goal is to do a better job of reaching out to more WKAR viewers with the opportunity to become WKAR supporters -- making WKAR and public broadcasting stronger in our community.

But we also know you love your regular program schedule, so we decided to take a chance on shortening the fundraising campaigns, optimistic that you'll come through so we won't have to return to the lengthier membership periods. We may periodically offer a one or two-day event if something special occurs; otherwise, we want to keep the fundraising hours to a minimum and still maximize the dollars!

You can help this very minute by going right HERE and giving now! It will only take a minute and your new, renewal or additional gift will be on the books. You'll save time and help ensure our programming and WKAR will save processing costs. How could it work out better for either of us?

We value your support in every way and do our best to serve you on the air, online and in our community. Thanks so much for your support.