Susi's Station Notes: Please Volunteer!

Jul 26, 2013

As you might imagine, volunteers play a large role here at WKAR. We’re looking for those who would like to spend time between August 2-12 in our air-conditioned Volunteer Center!

Members of the WKAR Street Team

(Please sign up now! It is extra-difficult for us to get volunteers to answer phones in the summer months.)

Taking Pledges for WKAR

There are lots of reasons volunteering at WKAR is a good thing -- you can make new friends and know you are helping WKAR. In fact, a number of our volunteers who aren’t in a position to support WKAR  financially say that this is a way they can give back.

But here’s an interesting background fact that might explain how volunteers help us use the dollars our members give us more effectively.

As you know, many of our pledge programs are not live in the studio, but have breaks that we receive nationally. Others are pre-recorded, allowing us to save overtime costs and the expense of additional studio electricity.

For a number of years, we contracted with a phone bank service for these programs. As PBS added more to the schedule, the cost grew significantly.

In recent months we have been asking volunteers come to our WKAR Volunteer Center to answer phones during these pre-recorded breaks. In doing so, they are directly helping us deliver the dollars our members provide directly to program acquisition and production.

Volunteers help us in other ways as well – our Street Team is highly visible at community events, serving as ambassadors and spreading the word about WKAR. With upcoming festivals in August and September, we welcome Street Team volunteers as well.

Bob Ebersole and Nancy Ehret volunteer for Radio Reading Service.

We also have volunteers in our office who help with some clerical tasks. WKAR’s Radio Reading Service relies heavily on volunteers to read newspaper articles and advertisements, as well as books, to those who use this important service for those who are visually impaired.

No matter how you enjoy volunteering, we hope you will sign up today right HERE at And we look forward to seeing you soon!