Susi's Station Notes: Lots of Tickets!

Jan 26, 2013

Credit Cylia von Tedermann

Every so often, Cathy Zell, our Development Director, arrives and shares the news that we have a special ticket offer, courtesy of our friends at Wharton Center with whom we have a terrific partnership.

This week, we have a special offer. The first is tickets to the performance of Rain at Wharton Center.  This well-known group performs Beatles songs with the costumes, make up and spot-on voices of the Fab Four.

We are giving our online fans the first chance for these tickets. You can get them right HERE and support WKAR at the same time.

And, don't forget to watch Rain 2: A Tribute to the Beatles on Thursday, Jan. 31, at 10 p.m. If you're not already familiar with the group, this television special will get you in the mood!

Earlier that evening on WKAR (8 p.m.) we'll also offer you the opportunity to own a piece of Blenko glass, custom-designed for WKAR. Blenko Glass: Behind the Scenes is a fascinating documentary for anyone who is a collector to enjoy. We hope you'll check it out!

Once again, I thank you for your support of WKAR-TV. We've had a boost in viewers this year and we know many of you have become supporting members. If you haven't, consider it on January 31 as you enjoy the Blenko program and Rain, along with other specials on WKAR World and WKAR Create.